Know the Definition and Functions of Backup in Cpanel Hosting

There are many backup functions in cpanel. This application is perfect for people who need data backup for corporate or personal purposes. In addition, the features in it are also quite good and capable.

Know the Definition and Functions of Backup in Cpanel Hosting

For those who are struggling in the world of websites, of course they are familiar with Cpanel. The Cpanel backup function is a feature that is used to secure all data and information on the website. This is so that all data is not lost.

For readers who are interested in backing up data, especially on websites, they must use this cpanel. This application can be downloaded automatically through the play store or website. In addition, it can also be accessed via a PC or Android smartphone.

Data Backup Function in Cpanel

Cpanel is an application issued by BOC which is a trading company in Indonesia. It is equipped with data backup facilities both weekly and monthly. In addition, security is also quite awake.

Data backup activities on websites that are currently available on Cpanel are data backups in the form of websites, emails, databases and DNS configurations. All of them are capable of backing up data with very large amounts though. Of course, this is very beneficial for all.

Data backup should be done periodically. Users must have a copy of the website data on their computer. That way, this method is quite safe to do so that the data is not lost. Using Cpanel is very easy and simple.

Tutorial on Using Cpanel Hosting

After knowing what the Cpanel data backup functions are, then you should know about the tutorial for backing up data through this application. It's very easy and here's how:

1. Login to Cpanel Account

The first thing that needs to be done is to login to this website. The next step is to fill in the username and password. Wait a few minutes then it indicates that you are already registered in the account.

2. Go to File Menu

After successfully logging in, then the next must enter the file menu. There are various options regarding data backup. After that, click the backup wizard. This is what makes this application much in demand.

3. Do Smothering

When entering the cpanel login page, the next step is to back up all the data. There will be two options to choose from, namely backup and restore. To back up data, choose backup data.

Don't forget to choose full backup if you want all files and menus to be cleaned. The process required is quite fast ranging from 10 to 20 minutes. This depends on the existing internet connection at that time.

On this page, each user must specify the location where the backup results will be stored. Therefore, make sure there is enough free space on the smartphone.

4. Wait for Process

After logging in, you will definitely enter a certain view. It already has a website called gobek. This is an action to cancel the data backup that was done at that time.

During the waiting process, it can be used to download from the backup results. This indicates if the file is ready to be downloaded and stored in the storage application.

Advantages of Cpanel

As it is known that currently cpanel is an application that is widely used by everyone to back up data. There are several advantages offered by the application. Here is the explanation.

1. Can Save Time And Money

By using cpanel, there is no need to buy tools such as hard disks that are used to back up data. The data will automatically be saved to the club very securely.

2. Best Apps

Use a quality data backup application. C panel itself is a data backup application that has been officially tested. That way, the ability in the field of data backup is no longer in doubt.

3. Software Offers

The third advantage is the frequent offers of auto installer software. By using this software, users do not need to install because it is automatically installed. This is one thing that is quite practical and saves time.

4. Advanced Features

Cpanel also has a variety of features that are quite sophisticated and interesting. These various features are of course very helpful for users to use this application.

5. Customer Service

There is also customer service which is quite friendly and helpful. Sometimes in the use of this application often experience problems. CS of this application is willing to listen to our complaints regarding the use of the application and provide solutions.

6. Always Upgrade

The next advantage of cpanel is that it always upgrades regularly. That way, the website will be better and more attractive. Apart from that, there are lots of additional specific items to work on and learn from.

7. Easy-to-Get Tutorials

There are various tutorials and guides that are easy to understand. C panel usually provides a guide in the form of an online guide on how to use this application. Everything is explained clearly there is such an explanation.

Those were some brief explanations about the backup function in cpanel hosting and various things related to this one application.

Hopefully this explanation is useful and can open further insight into the world of the website. This is very necessary to apply.

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