8 Recommendations for the Latest Windows PC RAM Cleaner Applications

Many often feel that the laptop system feels sluggish. It could happen because the memory could be because it is too full. To speed up the system can be deleted but sometimes still save the trash. Well in this article I will discuss some of the latest PC RAM cleaning applications.

8 Recommendations for the Latest Windows PC RAM Cleaner Applications

Recommended PC RAM Cleaner Application

Here below are some choices of computer or windows laptop cleaning software that you can use for free and effectively, including:

1. Super Cleaner

The first recommendation for this application is super cleaner. This application is available in two versions for PC/Computer and also available for Android. This application is a recommendation to clean PC RAM in just one click.

The advantage of this application is that it is able to find thousands of files that are not needed by the PC and that can fill the memory on the PC. This application also has a cool feature, namely Internet Privacy Super Cleaner which is able to clear browser cache, search history, cookies, and also hidden files such as index.dat files.

This application can also be used for Cookie Manager, this cookie manager is useful for storing cookies. Another security is being able to choose the files you want to delete. The goal is to avoid “undelete files” to help recover files.

2. MZ RAM Booster

The next recommendation for windows pc ram cleaner application is mz ram booster. This free application can lighten memory so that it can improve the performance of your laptop or PC.

This app uses only pc or laptop resources. No need to worry about running out of power when using this application.

The advantage of this application is that it is able to clean ram automatically and is also able to detect immediately if there is excessive memory usage than its value. Another advantage of the MZ RAM Booster software is that it can provide information on CPU usage, excess RAM usage, and more.

3. RAMRush

Go to the next recommendation there is RAMRush. This application is free, you can download it directly on Google. This software has the ability to optimize memory usage on RAM on a PC or laptop. This application is also very friendly because it uses only a few resources on the system.

The advantage of this RAM Rush application is that it has an automatic feature to set the launch optimization or manually by accessing hotkeys (quick access). Simple display with real time graphs of CPU and RAM usage.

4. RAM Booster Expert

Furthermore, the recommended PC ram cleaning application is a RAM booster expert. This is a super cool application because it is still available specifically for the Windows operating system only. But the drawback is that this application is still an experiment.

The drawback of this application is that it requires laptop or PC memory space, but you don't have to worry because it doesn't use too much. This application has been widely used in various countries such as India, Bangladesh, and Portugal.

5. RAMBooster

The next cool application recommendation is a RAM booster. It is highly recommended to clean pc ram where the system on pc starts to run sluggishly.

Pc or laptop will respond for a long time because the memory is too full. And this application is able to clean up PC memory space on RAM so that its performance will increase.

6. Memory Cleaner

The next PC ram cleaning application is a memory cleaner. This application is the result of a developer of the Disk Max application. The main function of this application is to clean starting from memory files, Trim Processes' Working Set and also to clean system cache.

Processes Working Set is a memory used by an application that is running or active. So if a working set increases then the memory request also increases, then The Working Set will run or process.

In the application window, a warning will appear on the amount of RAM that has been used or that has been filled. This memory cleaner application can set an automatic option to clear cache when RAM usage has reached a certain point.

7. Wise Cleaner

The next best pc ram cleaning application is Wise Cleaner. This software is useful for optimizing pc performance by removing memory that is not needed again.

This application is also able to "regulate / tidy up" memory so that it can be used more smoothly without lag or errors.

8. IObit Advanced SystemCare

The last application is IObit advanced system care. This is cool too because it has a cooler design for its interface than any other app. There are also many cool features available.

The iobit advanced systemcare application is able to tidy up files on the HDD and can also fix system errors with just one click. And this application is also able to work in real time. So that the laptop system becomes safe and awake. However, the application is paid and can be purchased on the official website.

Those are some of the recommendations for the best PC ram cleaning applications. All software is available free or free. Choose according to the wishes of each, because it depends on the comfort of each. Each application must have its own advantages and disadvantages. May be useful.

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