6 Questions and Answers Applications, It's Free!

You not only get answers, but also explanations of the material being asked until you understand. There are various types of question-and-answer applications, starting in the form of a forum or just a means of asking questions. The following is an explanation of the various applications.

6 Questions and Answers Applications, It's Free!

Choice of Applications Questions and Answers Questions

Using the internet for learning is a positive thing. One of the uses of the internet in learning is the use of a question and answer application on Android devices.

Students and teachers can use the question and answer application to ask questions about material that has not been understood. Furthermore, these questions can be discussed and discussed.

Here are 6 Question and Answer Questions that You Can Use for Free.

1. Brainly

Brainly is the largest learning community in the world. Brainly is a question and answer application that comes with various advantages.

Brainly is an online learning application that makes it easy to ask questions and find answers like homework.

The working system of this application is that you can ask questions or assignments given in the form of photos or written questions.

You can freely ask and participate in answering various questions in the Brainly application. Various grids, keys, and calculations for various school subjects are available in this application.

Besides being free, the Brainly application is unlimited so it is very easy for you to access anytime and anywhere. Brainly also makes it easier for teachers or lecturers to educate online.

The interesting thing to find in Brainly, there are thousands of moderators who will help answer questions.

2. Photomath

Photomath is a question and answer application that is no less interesting. You can easily answer questions or assignments given by teachers from school.

This application is specifically for Mathematics lessons which are no less interesting than other applications. Only by taking a photo of the question sheet through this application, Photomath will automatically provide the answer for you correctly and correctly.

The way Photomath works is quite easy, as previously mentioned, you just need to take a picture of the question you want to ask using your cellphone camera.

Furthermore, the photo can be uploaded on the application. Then Photomath will detail each math problem with simple and easy steps for you to understand.

3. Smart Class

Another question and answer application is the Smart Class. You can use it for free or paid. By using Smart Class, students will get complete learning solutions ranging from elementary, junior high, to high school students that can be accessed every day.

You can also learn according to each character, either audio, visual, or kinesthetic. With interactive learning methods from the Smart Class application. Interestingly, Smart Class also provides a feature for asking questions and answering questions online.

4. Robo Guru

Robo Guru is available in the Ruangguru application, which can be used to ask questions for free. To be able to use this feature, make sure you already have a Ruang Guru account.

The way Robo Guru works is quite easy, you just have to send the questions you want to ask in the form of photos and then upload or upload them.

Robo Guru will also process questions within 3 to 5 seconds. So, the question was successfully answered in full by means of the discussion.

Next, this question and answer application will display 5 questions and answers that are most relevant to your question. Then not only answer the questions, but you will also get other similar questions references.

5. Qanda

This question and answer application has been ranked number one on the Play Store. The advantage is, in this application you can ask questions via live chat.

How this application works 1:1 live chat answers directly from the best university students. For questions you ask not only mathematics, but also Indonesian, Science, Social, to Essays. You can listen to a detailed explanation from the tutor.

6. CoLearn

Colearn is the next question-and-answer application. If you often find it difficult when doing or studying Maths, this application can help with those difficulties.

The trick, please take a photo of your Math assignment or homework. There are question and answer features, live classes, and photo questions features that you can use in this application.

Only with photos of the questions you want to ask, you will get answers, solutions, as well as learning videos so that you understand better.

The presence of a variety of question and answer questions that can be obtained free of charge, helps you when dealing with school subject matter that is not yet understood. Hopefully these 6 question-and-answer applications can help you in completing assignments or questions.

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