9 Examples of Business Ideas for High School Students That Make Money

There may be a lot of high school students who want to find a side job. The money generated can be used to add pocket money, save money, or even to help parents pay school fees. Then what are the businesses for high school children that produce?

9 Examples of Business Ideas for High School Students That Make Money

In a business, the name of carrying out a business is not limited by age. Anyone can build a business as long as they want to try. Not only with big capital, high school children can also open up opportunities to make money in their spare time.

The faster the development of technology, the more opportunities for young people to express themselves, including in the business world. Many students wonder what kind of business for high school kids that makes it?

Business Recommendations for High School Students that Earn Money

Below are some examples of business ideas that you can do for high school children today with ease, including:

1. Selling Credit

Even though many have used quotas, it doesn't mean that credit is no longer needed. Maybe there are neighbors or friends who are 'urgent' running out of electricity. You can be their savior in time.

Make sure to find a credit agent with a fairly slanted or friendly price. That way, you can get quite a lot of profit. You can make this practical selling idea a business field with minimal capital.

2. Online Business

An online business can be the most suitable recommendation for high school students. Especially now that social media users are rampant. You can use social media to market your wares online.

Promote a product on Facebook or Instagram that allows multiple users. Thus the goods will be known to many people. As long as you are good at managing marketing strategies, it is not impossible that the product can also be sold quickly.

3. Sell Snacks

As long as it's not prestige and has quite a lot of capital, selling snacks around the school can be the right alternative. Who doesn't like snacking? Of course, there are many high school students who really like to snack.

You can sell snacks that have a savory or sweet taste. Make snacks that are simple and attractive but with a benchmark price that suits students' pockets. That way friends want to sell merchandise.

4. Private Tutor

Private tutoring is a side job that generates quite a decent income. You quite master the material well. In addition, you can also try to teach kindergarten or elementary school students if the material is lighter.

You can search for students close to home. If you have a lot of free time, you can also add students. The more students who take private lessons, the higher the salary will be.

5. Author

Many think that writing is only for expressing an expression. However, it doesn't just stop there. Writing containing ideas, ideas or opinions can be used as a business.

If you have an interest or talent in the world of writing, you can start now. Try to send opinions to digital media or mass media. If the article is 'published' it will get paid.

6. Logo Creation Service

Again talking about talents or interests. For those who have the ability to create a logo, it is very unfortunate if they do not open up these business opportunities. especially if you are good at operating Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop.

Logo creation services can be a promising profession. By relying on creativity you can add pocket money. The better the logo that is made and the more likes, the higher the fee you will get.

7. Photographer Service

If you have a camera and can produce good shots, it never hurts to open a photographer's service. In addition to taking advantage of the items at home, you can earn money. Offer services to neighbors or closest friends.

Over time, it is not impossible for many people to see services. So that you can be called for photographer services for important events such as applications, birthdays, graduations, or weddings. If you like it why not?

8. Endorsement on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media to date. Not only for entertainment media, but this one application can be a bridge to earn income. The business that can be done is product promotion.

If you are a person who has a lot of followers, you can open an endorse service. Currently, many use the services of 'endorsement', be it small or medium-sized companies. It could be that more and more companies will come to use personal services.

9. Typing Service

If you have laptop facilities at home and are fast at typing, why not try to open a typing service business? Of course this can be an advantage. You can earn from hard work.

Offer your services to friends or underclassmen. Because sometimes many teachers ask their students to do assignments by typing. This moment can be used as well as possible.

Maybe the examples above are just a few recommendations for business ideas for high school kids that earn and can earn extra pocket money.

There are still tons of business ideas out there to try. If you can divide your time between school and business, why not?

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